We want you to know where you are in the building process. Please review our processes and contact us if you have any questions.

Our Process

Pre-qualification Letter

Obtain a letter from the lender pre-qualifying you for a loan. Appoint one of our preferred lenders or choose your own.

Choose Your Plan

Select or modify one of our floorplans, or work with our draftsman or yours to create a custom floorplan.

Sign Contract/Earnest Money

Provide the required earnest money and sign our construction agreement.


Work with our in house designer to choose the final details to make your house your own.

Start Construction

Now begins the fun! Dirt is being moved and materials are being delivered. This is where things start getting exciting. 


When rough in work has been completed, we perform a deep dive into our quality along with the AHJ. Once all work has been satisfied to our standards we will proceed with construction.   

Construction Continues

Insulation, sheetrock, tile, trim and paint follow. A completion date will be set following the 
conclusion of sheetrock.

45-60 Days from Close

Contact your lender. Get those moving boxes ready – it’s time to start packing!


 Your carefully curated fixtures and hardware are installed bringing your vision together.

Finishing Touches/Orientation

You’re almost there! As we are finishing up the intricate details, our will team guide you through your new home. 

Close and Enjoy

Your home is now complete. Enjoy making memories in the home of your dreams!

Client Care

We leave clients with tips, reputable company lists, and best practices.

Let’s Build Together