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Here are helpful answers for homeowners.

Home Maintenance

Starting Fireplace 

Turn the knob from “Off” to the “Pilot” position, and push in the pilot knob. This will manually send gas into the system. Press the igniter button once every second until it lights. Depending on how long it has been since the fireplace was last used, the ignition may take multiple attempts.

Cleaning the Oven

  • First, remove everything from inside your oven. This includes the racks.
  • Next, lock your oven and heat it to a very high temperature.
  • Run the self-cleaning cycle.
  • Wipe away any mess that is left.

Resetting GFCI

Some GFCIs also have an LED light that may illuminate when the GFCI trips. When the TEST button is pressed, the RESET button will pop out if it isn’t already. To reset the GFCI, simply push and hold the RESET button until it latches.


Checking/Resetting a Breaker

  • Turn the light switches off and unplug the appliances in the room that lost power.
  • Find your circuit breaker box, and open the cover.
  • Locate the tripped breaker.
  • Reset the breaker by flipping it to the full “off” position and then back “on.” This may clear an overload and return power to the room.

Checking/Resetting arc Fault Breaker

If an arc-fault circuit is not working, turn off all devices and turn off all switches before testing the breaker. At the main panel, press the yellow “TEST” button on the AFCI breaker for the affected circuit. It should NOT click indicating it has already tripped.

Septic Alarm

The septic alarms should go off if the water level in your septic system’s pump tank is too high or too low. Either condition can cause damage and should be prevented.

An aerobic septic system needs the tank pumped properly once they reach a high point. If not pumped regularly, scum can make it into your drain field and out of your tank. Even if you do not have problems with your septic system, you should still have it inspected and pumped about every three to five years.

Setting Time on Alarm Keypad

If you need to reset the time and date on your keypad, press [*] [6] [Master Code]. Next, press [1] to select Time and Date. Enter the time in 24 hr format (HH:MM) followed by the date (MM:DD:YY).

Garage Not Closing

  • Scan the situation. Look around the area carefully.
  • Check Safety Sensor.
  • Try the Wall Station.
  • Use the Manual Release Cord.
  • Check breaker/GCFI to see if it is tripped. 

Replacing the Air Filter

Although the duration may vary due to in-home conditions, we suggest you replace your air filters at least every 90 days. If you open your windows or have pets in the home, it may require changing more frequently.

  • Find and Locate Your Furnace return Filter.
  • Determine the Size of Your Home Air Filter.
  • Remove the Existing (old) Air Filter.
  • Insert the New Air Filter. 

Cleaning Windows/Window Tilt

  • Unlock and barely raise the lower sash. Carefully release the tilt latches located on the top of the lower sash. Pull the sash toward the room’s interior. You do not need to remove the screen to clean the exterior glass.
  • Continue lowering the lower sash until it is resting on the trim.
  • Wash the exterior glass of the lower sash.
  • Lift, rotate it upright and push it back to its normal operating position.

Garbage Disposal Problems?

  • Unplug the unit to cut the power to the garbage disposal, which will prevent the motor from burning out and you from getting electrocuted.
  • Look under the sink and put the hex head Allen wrench in the breaker socket you will find at the bottom part of the garbage disposal.
  • Begin turning the wrench back and forth to turn the flywheel and set the jammed particles in the impeller blades free.
  • If the garbage disposal does not have a hex hole or you do not have an Allen wrench, find a short broom. Carefully place the stick into the garbage disposal. Force it against one of the impeller blades and Begin rotating it back and forth manually.
  • Restore power to the garbage disposal unit, and check if normal function has been restored. 


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